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Portable X-ray machine Methods of operation

1, before using the first check the appearance of the instrument case for damage  
  during transport. Unpacking Check whether the host has traces of collision damage.    Then remove the host, will cover three notches aligned disc display three screws    push the front end of the rotation angle can make a CD cover fixed.  
2, machine power is turned on (the power plug into a ground wire single-phase  three-hole outlet), switching power indicator light, hosts the DRO head light. Press    the self-locking start button, the DRO shows the X-ray tube anode voltage (KV) or    anode current (μA) (depending on the selection switch may be), the instrument is    working properly, then the screen showed a yellow-green, will be measure was    placed between the X-ray tube and the image intensifier, (object image intensifier    as close as possible), you can see the perspective image of the measured object on    the screen, adjust the current (μA) on the digital display panel, voltage (KV)    adjustable knob until the image sharpness satisfied. Under the premise to ensure    image clarity, it should be as low current (μA) a perspective.  
3, when the hand self-locking start button is pressed, X-ray tube emit rays on the    digital display panel lights work instructions, press the start button again self-locking or regular time, X-ray tube stops (timing setting in about 1 minute).   
4, the instrument should be intermittent use, if the continuous long working hours,    more than the unit effective operating temperature range, this function  automatically shut down, this time in the digital display panel over-temperature    indicator light, the need to stop for a moment until the temperature drops back to    resume work downtime depending on the ambient temperature.

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